[metro] [CES 2024] SolidVue Unveils 150M-Range LiDAR Sensor Chip [2024-01-11]

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[CES 2024] SolidVue Unveils 150M-Range LiDAR Sensor Chip

SolidVue announced the unveiling of its '150m-range Long-Distance Solid-state LiDAR Sensor Chip ES product' at CES 2024, which opened on the 9th in Las Vegas, USA. SolidVue is the only Korea LiDAR sensor IC fabless company.

"SolidVue’s LiDAR sensor chip and demonstration images"

The LiDAR sensor chip from SolidVue incorporates proprietary core technologies such as CMOS SPAD technology, sensor architecture, and LiDAR interference removal. In particular, CMOS SPAD technology enhances measurement accuracy by detecting even small particles of light.

Furthermore, SolidVue's LiDAR sensor chip, designed as a single chip, serves as a key component of Solid-state LiDAR, reducing volume by up to 10 times and costs by about 100 times compared to mechanical LiDAR. With the anticipated widespread development of Solid-state LiDAR, the obstacles of large volume and high cost that hindered LiDAR commercialization are expected to be overcome.

SolidVue's CEO, Jaehyuk Choi, stated, "In line with the forecast of explosive growth in LiDAR demand, we will fully prepare for product commercialization," adding, "Through CES 2024, we are proposing and discussing mutual cooperation with leading global LiDAR suppliers for the development of innovative and differentiated LiDAR solutions. Starting with CES 2024, we will make concerted efforts for substantial collaboration with global LiDAR suppliers for business cooperation."

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