LiDAR Sensor

Flash CMOS LiDAR sensor

Solid-Vue’s CMOS solid-state flash-type LiDAR sensor (GL-1.0, GL-1.1, GL-1.2) provides a reliable 3D depth map of target objects placed within a 10-m distance.

Each pixel incorporates a zoom histogramming time-to-digital converter (TDC) to combine a coarse time delay measurement with a fine extraction of phase difference, extending the TDC resolution from 7-b to 13-b without generating a GHz-level clock signal. The coarse TDC decides only 1-b of the time-of-flight (ToF) value by the binary search manner, eliminating large memories for histogramming and occupying a small area. Since all pixels extract depth information simultaneously, our LiDAR doesn’t require any scanning equipment, making it suitable for mobile/AR/VR devices.

Key Features


Short/Mid-range detection: 10 m


Resolution: 48x40 (GL-1.0) / 80x60 (GL-1.1) / 100x75 (GL-1.2)


Per-pixel zoon-histogramming TDC