[THELEC] SolidVue Participates in LG Group Technology Exchange Meeting [2024-02-08]

작성자 SolidVue 날짜 2024-02-15 13:22:06 조회수 1540

SolidVue Participates in LG Group Technology Exchange Meeting

Seoul National University's System Semiconductor Industry Promotion Center announced on the 7th that a technology exchange meeting for domestic system semiconductor startups and LG Group's mutual cooperation was successfully held today at LG Science Park ISC Dong.

The event was attended by about 100 people, including representatives from 30 startups related to system semiconductors, covering areas such as fabless and SME fields, as well as LG Group affiliate personnel.

In the first part of the technology exchange meeting, 11 startups, including Sapien Semiconductor, SolidVue, SugarS, GELS, Exarion, Photonysole, PowerLSI, Cubemotive, BANAM, HyunetPlus, and GeeVer, introduced their technologies and products and engaged in Q&A sessions.

Following the presentations, there was a networking session where employees from system semiconductor startups and representatives from LG Display and LG Innotek freely exchanged ideas. The event led to positive outcomes such as enhancing potential cooperation between companies through technology sharing, joint product development, and more.

A representative from one of the participating companies in this technology exchange meeting stated, "Meeting future demand from corporate stakeholders and receiving direct feedback on our products was invaluable, and it will greatly contribute to our future product development."

Professor Lee Hyuk-jae, Director of the System Semiconductor Industry Promotion Center at Seoul National University, expressed his belief that through this technology exchange meeting, startups can understand the needs of demand companies and seize opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of technology, products, technology transfer, and product procurement.

Meanwhile, the System Semiconductor Industry Promotion Center at Seoul National University is carrying out various support programs related to funding, manpower, and demand for startups through the Innovation Entrepreneurship Package New Industry Startup Cultivation Project under the Ministry of SMEs and Startups' 1000+ Project, and this technology exchange meeting was pursued as a means of connecting with demand.

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