[ZDNet Korea] SolidVue Presents Two Papers on LiDAR Sensors at 'ISSCC 2024' [2024-02-21]

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SolidVue Presents Two Papers on LiDAR Sensors at 'ISSCC 2024'

LiDAR sensor fabless company SolidVue announced on the 21st that it presented two latest LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor integrated circuit (IC) technologies at the 'ISSCC 2024,' the premier semiconductor circuit conference held in San Francisco, USA on the 19th of this month.

This presentation took place during the 'Imagers and Ultrasound' session. SolidVue, along with Samsung Electronics, was the only Korean company presenting at this session. Furthermore, after presenting the technical papers, the sensor IC was demonstrated in real-time, attracting the attention of conference attendees.

"SolidVue's LiDAR technology images"

SolidVue presented two papers at ISSCC this time. The first one is a technology for a 48-m long-range LiDAR sensor IC with a high resolution of 320x240.

The key technologies include ▲pixel miniaturization through the application of pixel circuits with 6 nMOS transistors per pixel, resulting in 320x240 high-resolution LiDAR sensor pixels, and ▲Priority Memory technology that reduces the capacity of high-capacity memory integrated within the sensor chip by more than 51%. So far, the resolution of long-range LiDAR sensors has remained at the level of 200x100, with problems such as increased power consumption and unit cost due to large memory capacity.

The second paper introduces a low-power, high-resolution 10-m short-range flash LiDAR sensor IC technology. The key technologies presented in this paper are ▲analog circuit pixel technology that reduces size by 7 times and power consumption by more than 100 times compared to digital counter-based pixel circuits, and ▲technology that automatically corrects the instability of analog circuits to improve the uniformity of pixels.

The proposed Flash LiDAR can significantly reduce the unit cost as it does not require complex optical alignment and can capture distance images of objects within 10 meters at a resolution of 160x120.

"SolidVue demonstrating LiDAR technology at ISSCC 2024"

Choi Jaehyuk, CEO of SolidVue, stated, "The new technology for long-range sensors presented at this ISSCC has been applied to SolidView's next-generation products, which are scheduled for release in 2025," and added, "It is expected to be applied to various applications such as robotics and security that require high-resolution object recognition, through improvement in object recognition accuracy via high resolution and cost reduction through memory capacity reduction."

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